The Use of Conductive Yarns in Woven Fabric for Protection Against Electrostatic Field


  • Sandra VARNAITĖ Kaunas University of Technology


conductive yarns, electrostatic field strength, shielding.


The aim of the research was to assess the possibility of textile fabrics with conductive yarns to attenuate the value of
electrostatic field strength. Nine groups of fabrics with conductive yarns were manufactured in Lithuanian Textile
Institute for the study. Each group consisted of five fabrics differing by the fiber content. The conductive yarns were
inserted into the fabrics at different specified intervals (only in weft direction or in weft and warp directions forming the
grid). The electrostatic field strength was measured during the experiment using ESM-100 apparatus (measuring range
of electrostatic field strength: 0.1 V/m – 100000 V/m). The electrostatic field strength of high voltage generating power
supply was measured under fabrics with conductive yarns, with no conductive yarns and without any fabric. It was found
that despite fibre content all tested fabrics decrease electrostatic field strength. Insertion of natural fibres into synthetic
yarns decreases shielding effectiveness of the fabric. More conductive yarns and shorter are the distances between these
yarns in the fabric, the better protection from electrostatic field is found. In order to have better shielding effectiveness;
the porosity of the fabric should be as low as possible.