The Influence of Drying Conditions on Dimensional Stability of Cotton Weft Knitted Fabrics


  • Daiva MIKUČIONIENĖ∗, Ginta LAURECKIENĖ Kaunas University of Technology


weft knitted fabric, finishing, drying, dimensional stability, shrinkage.


The dimensional stability of cotton weft knitted fabrics during exploitation has significant effect on their quality. The characteristics of fibre, the characteristics of knitwear structure, pattern of fabric and conditions of technological processes influence geometrical and dimensional stability of knitwear’s.
The main goal of this work was to investigate the behaviour of knitted fabric during drying at different conditions, and the influence of these conditions on finished knitwear dimensional stability. The samples were knitted on a circular single face and interlock knitting machines from cotton yarns and their combination with PES yarns. Special method of knitted fabric drying was developed for the experimental testing. Thus industrial drying of knitted fabrics was simulated in experimental conditions. The samples were dried in six different modes: hanged on a line in course and wale directions, spread on a smooth surface, winded by hot air, spread on a heated surface, and in a tumbler-dryer. Shrinkage potential of knitwear samples dried in different conditions was determined. After that samples were washed and dried in domestic conditions. Then it was determined how much drying conditions in finishing process influence knitwear’s shrinkage potential and dimensional stability during its exploitation.