Reduction of Time Consumption for Wood Impregnation


  • Jonas VOBOLIS, Darius ALBREKTASāˆ— Kaunas University of Technology


scantlings, coefficient of damping, resonance vibration, pine and birch wood assortments, wood impregnation


Seeking to expand the range of employment and durability of wood articles, in many cases they must be impregnated in correspondent materials. To increment the depth and speed of impregnation, different technologies are used. In the present research the method of wood impregnation by vibration is presented. The testing process of wood scantlings involved an original stand and a measuring instrument. It was established that scantlings exposed to water. Vibrate in analogous vibration modes identical to those in air. After the impregnation the scantlings with smaller density contain 4 times larger water quantities within the same period of time. It was found that as the quantity of penetrated water continues to increase, the resonant frequency of the scantling tends to decrease up to 10 %, whereas the coefficient of damping rises by 1.5 times. It was established that transversal vibrations were not influenced, while impregnating wood along the fiber. The tests showed that while impregnating across the fiber, vibrations can accelerate the whole process: within the same period of time scantlings contain water quantities larger up to 37 % in the presence of vibration.