The Influence of Fatigue Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Laminated Leather and its Separate Layers


  • Daiva MILAŠIENĖ∗, Kristina BUBNYTĖ Kaunas University of Technology


fatigue, laminated leather, mechanical properties.


Clothing products during wear undergo a multiplex cyclic deformation and the cracking of material during wear due to
creases of upper material is very frequent reason of threadbare. The influence of fatigue cycles number and environment
temperature on the mechanical properties (tensile strength and elongation) of laminated leather and its layers have been
investigated. The laminated leather as well as materials of its layers (the split leather and microporous polyurethane (PU)
Permair film were used for the investigation. The experimental results showed that mechanical properties of laminated
leather after flexing in the various conditions differ from the analogous properties of separate layers. The character of
dependences of tensile strength of laminated leather and PU film on number of fatigue cycles are similar, but differ from
character of analogous dependence of split leather. The character of dependences of tensile strength and deformability
on temperature of fatigue environment of both leathers is similar and markedly differ from characters of analogous
dependences of PU film.