Investigation of Temporary Bridges Prostheses


  • Saulius DILI┼¬NAS, Vaidas VARINAUSKAS, Martynas ┼áIMELIS Kaunas University of Technology


temporary (protective) bridge, protective crown, Godon/Popov phenomenon, retraction of gum, periodontal.


Modern dentistry gives possibility to rebuild damaged or removed teeth, to correct some patalogical and aesthetical
defects and etc. Some procedures request intermediate operations. The usage of temporary bridges prostheses and
protective crowns are the best example of these operations. The products are used for a limited time, but must rise above
the crowd in following properties: strength, wear resistance, low absorption of liquids and calorific materials and etc.
The main goal of this work is to investigate the maintenance properties of temporary bridges, made of the materials of
different manufacturers, by estimating their resistance to the effecting powers within the time of chewing, wear
resistance and liquid absorption. The following materials meant for the production of protective crowns were used: GC
Unifast LC, STOMA Acryloxide, VOCO Structur2SC, 3M Protemp3Garant. The first and the second materials are
based on acryloxide, and the other ones are based on composite resin. The strength, absorption and abrasion of
temporary bridge prostheses, made of above-mentioned materials, were determined. The studies show that none of them
meet all the required indications maximally.