Mechanical Stability of Fabrics for Military Clothing


  • Daiva JUODSNUKYTĖ∗, Matas GUTAUSKAS, Elytė ČEPONONIENĖ Kaunas University of Technology


textiles, punch deformation, biaxial extension, and mechanical stability.


The behaviour of woven fabrics for military clothing was evaluated using punch loading investigations under the
conditions similar to those during real garment wear; i.e. in which plane material sustains biaxial deformation. During
the experiment specially prepared specimens were loaded with the punch up to tearing. They were loaded also with the
same punch for sustained creep process. Creep tests were carried out with dry and wet specimens. Mechanical stability
of textile materials was evaluated by relative values of creep test parameters. For the evaluation of these parameters the
special test unit created at Kaunas University of Technology was used. The objects of the investigation were woven
fabrics from cotton – PES blended yarns, with camouflage printing typical for military clothing. Two samples of tested
materials were water repellent. The water repellent treatment improved mechanical stability of textile material, so water
repellent fabrics are in preference to outdoor training clothing.