Influence of Temperature on Tungsten Carbide Coating Sprayed by Different Spray Systems


  • Artūras BABILIUS∗ Kaunas University of Technology


oxidation, flame spray, wear resistance, coatings.


Tungsten carbide - cobalt hard coatings were deposited on steel substrates using a modified flame spray unit TopJet/2 and high velocity oxygen fuel MicroJet flame spraying system. The microstructure of coatings were analyzed by optical microscope LMA - 10. Porosity of coatings was determined by Scion Image computer program. X-ray diffraction has been performed to analyze the phase transformation of coating after spraying with different gas ratio and identify phase composition of wear products. The characteristics of the coatings made by the two spraying systems were evaluated under identical conditions. It was found that wear rate at room temperatures of the WC – 12 % Co coating sprayed by TopJet/2 and MicroJet systems are almost the same and differ in the range of 5 %. At temperatures over 300 ºC TopJet/2 sprayed coating showed greater wear resistance compared to the MicroJet sprayed coatings. Control specimens were made of tempered steel 45 (hardness 200HB).