Characterization of Thallium Sulfide Layers on the Surface of the Polyethylene Film Formed by the Use of Higher Polythionic Acid


  • Vitalijus JANICKIS∗, Ingrida ANCUTIENĖ, Ingrida BRUŽAITĖ, Vitalija JASULAITIENĖ Kaunas University of Technology


high polythionic acid, polyethylene, layer of thallium sulfide.


When the films of low density polyethylene first sulfured in the solution of higher polythionic, H2S33O6, acid then are treated with the alkalified solution of thallium (I) sulfate, the layers of thallium sulfide of various composition in the surface of polyethylene film were formed. The stoichiometrical composition of layers according to the data of chemical analysis varies from Tl0.3S to Tl2.5S. A phase composition of the layers obtained studied by the methods of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. The data of Tl 4f7/2, O 1s and S 2p spectra showed that thallium is bonded with sulfur into TlS and Tl2S, but the Tl2SO4 and Tl(OH)3 are adsorbed on the layers surface too. Five thallium sulfide phases, TlS, Tl2S, Tl2S2, Tl4S3 and Tl2S5 were identified in the composition of the layers by X-ray diffraction but the peaks of TlS phase predominate in the diffractograms.