Complementary Dynamic Tests for Judgement of Rotary Shaft Lip Type Seals


  • C. Fangauf, V. Wollesen∗ Konstruktionstechnik II, Technische Universität Hamburg Harburg


rotary lip seal, shaft, radial force, leakage.


A comparison test of two rotary shaft seals variants of a gear pump is presented. The test parameters are chosen in a way, that differences on dynamical qualities as well as on wear behaviour can be judged. Two different tests have been performed. At the first test, severe test conditions have been set, partly based on the material limits, in order to reduce the test time. At the second test the test parameters are closer to the actual practical conditions. The results are discussed and further assessment criterions are set. The tests show that an unequivocal decision can be taken in favour of a variant. The bench test shows to be a suitable method for comparing two different rotary shaft seal variants. For these tests, the existence of a comparison seal is important, so that for a new construction the test can only be used as a complement.