Non-Wear Effect on Composite Steel-Brass Surface


  • A. Žunda∗, V. Jankauskas, J. Padgurskas, N. Lapienis Lithuanian University of Agriculture


sliding, friction couple, electropulse, spraying, copper, brass, composition surface.


The paper deals with the investigation on friction couples sharing one composite surface. The composite friction surface consists of steel 45 and electropulse sprayed brass Л63 coating segments. The investigation objective is to determine the extent of the influence of the ratio of steel to brass coatings areas on the selective transfer effect in this friction surface. In the analysis of the friction surface state the characteristics of the formation of the brass servovite film have been evaluated while varying the areas of steel and brass segments in the friction surface. The latter and the resulting brass film have been analyzed by optical microscope. In the composite surface with no less than 50 % of brass coating segments area the non-wear effect can be achieved. Under 0.6 MPa pressure and 0.72 m/s sliding speed, in a friction couple the servovite film forms in 10…15 minutes. This film reduces the surface roughness from Ra 0.60 μm to Ra 0.10 μm.