Complex Structure Fancy Yarns: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis


  • S. Petrulytė∗ Department of Textile Technology, Kaunas University of Technology


coil length, complex structure, fancy yarn.


A study is reported for geometrical model of complex structure fancy yarns. The investigated complex structure fancy yarns have a multithread structure composed of four components – one core, two effect, and one binder yarn. Due to the wrapping round the effect intermediate product that mostly has larger linear density the length of the binder component changes. In current research the precondition was accepted that the cross-sections of the all three yarns of the effect intermediate product in the complex structure fancy yarn remain the circles shaped, and this shape does not change while manufacturing the fancy yarn. The theoretical method for predicting the coil length of the binder yarn in the complex structure fancy yarn is developed. Theoretical values of the coil length are compared with experimental data. The developed method would help for further the set of information in designing of new assortment of the complex structure fancy yarns.