The Influence of Porosity Value and Mode on Soft Polymer Materials Behaviour


  • D. Zeleniakienė∗, T. Kleveckas, J. Liukaitis, E. Fataraitė Kaunas University of Technology


soft polymer material, porosity, stress state, stress concentration factor, finite element method, method of photoelasticity.


The influence of soft polymer materials porosity size and mode on stress, deformability and size of deformation forces in model system have been investigated by computational finite element method and experimental method of photoelasticity. Plane models differ from each other in pores size and its distribution mode. To the ends of all of them deformation of constant value were added. It was obtained that in the case of small and rare pores the highest stress concentration zones appear compare to those of non-porous material. The evenly distributed of the same diameter pores with wide interpores zones increase stress concentration, also. The porosity mode influences the stress state only in the case of high material porosity: the high material porosity (γ > 0.5) and the absence of large interpores zones decrease stress concentration and, in some cases, can be lower than those in nonporous material. Good correlation between experimental and calculated results was obtained.