Properties of Dimension (Facing) Stone from Estonian Dolostone


  • M. Pyldme, U. Kallavus∗, J. Schvede, R. Traksmaa Centre for Materials Research, Tallinn Technical University


carbonate rock, weathering of stone, degradation, prevention against deterioration.


In this work the hydrophobization of dimension (facing) stone from Estonian dolostone was investigated. Due to the diversity of the structure and properties of the stone from one source and the differences of dolostone mined from different areas of Estonia – Kaarma, Selgase and Orgita, certain properties of stone were investigated by chemical analysis, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. Water absorption by DIN 52103 and frost resistance by DIN 52104 were carried out. XRD measurements showed that the composition of Estonian dolomite was nonstoichiometric for samples from all three deposits. For Selgase and Orgita dolostone, in comparison to Kaarma dolostone, typical absence of relatively large pores and smaller interval of absorption times of a water drop occurred. Comparing the ratio of water absorption time to the stated by producer norm of hydrophobic liquid (R/N) it could be concluded that commonly coating once is sufficiently suitable. After 100 freezing-thawing cycles no signs of damages on any specimen cubes or plates were discovered.