Study on the Microstructure and Wear Behavior of In-Situ Al3Ti/Al Composites Under Induction Heating


  • Yuting YAN Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
  • Libin NIU Xi´an University of Science and Technology
  • Anwen ZHANG Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
  • Chengxin LIU Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
  • Zhidong FAN Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
  • Yichao MA Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute Co.,Ltd.



titanium fiber, In-situ reaction, frequency, wear behavior


In the study, Ti fiber (200 μm, 99.8 wt.%) and pure aluminum (99.6 wt.%) were respectively used as the reaction source and matrix to prepare Al-based composites by in-situ synthesis methods. During the stage of preparing the preform, Ti fibers were fixed in the matrix at equal intervals to pre-control the initial position of the product. The preform was heated in an induction heating device finally, at the same time, parameter combinations of different frequencies and currents were applied to promote the in-situ reaction between Al-Ti, thereby the Al matrix composites reinforced by Al3Ti were obtained. The phase composition, microstructure and wear resistance of the composites were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and wear testers. The results show that when the frequency and current are 5 kHz and 15 A respectively, the Ti fiber is completely reacted, and the product is the isometric Al3Ti with a size of 1  2 μm and a particle spacing of about 5 μm, reaching the optimal microstructure under all parameters. Under the condition of a load of 9.8 N, the wear rate of the composites at 5 kHz and 15 A is 2.325 mg/mm2, indicating the best values in this experiment.