Evaluation of Moisture Sensitivity Performance of Stone Mastic Asphalt Mixes with Additional Filler: A Laboratory Comparison of Dry and Wet Mixing Methods





fly ash, hydrated lime, moisture susceptibility, stone mastic asphalt


Gap-graded mixtures are one of the areas of improving the permanent deformation strength of hot-mixed asphalt mixtures. Additional filler materials can be needed due to the high bitumen amount and the less fine aggregate amount in the mixture. In this study, the effects of filler additives on moisture susceptibility of the gap-graded hot-mixed asphalt mixtures and mixing methods are investigated. Filler additives such as class C and class F fly ashes and hydrated lime are used 0.5 %, 1.0 %, 2.0 %, and 4 % of the total weight of mixture instead of mineral filler. Design mixtures are prepared according to the Turkish Highway Technical Specifications (THTS). To determine the effect of mixing methods, dry and wet (slurry) methods are used to mix the filler materials. Modified Lottman method (AASHTO T283) are used to determine the moisture susceptibility. An indirect tensile strength test is the measurement of bitumen film thickness which is also conducted. Test results showed that class C fly ash is significantly improved the moisture susceptibility of mixtures. While the slurry method does not give the expected improvement on class C fly ash added mixtures, it shows a positive effect on class F fly ash and hydrated lime added mixtures.