Chemical Evolution of Pore Solution in Metakaolin Concrete During Water Evaporation




concrete, solution chemistry, humidity, chemical properties


Metakaolin concrete is a kind of porous material, which contains a variety of chemical ions in the pores. Solutions in these pores are exposed to the atmosphere and exist evaporation and condensation processes, therefore, the pore solution volume of concrete changes all the time. When the ion concentration in the pore solution changes, it has an important impact on the strength development and durability of concrete. However, the real-time monitoring of the concentration of pore solution was difficult. To study the chemical evolution of pore solution in concrete, the variation of saturated vapor pressure on the surface of metakaolin concrete was studied based on the Cisternas-Lam rule. The evaporation rate of solvent in the pore solution of concrete under the corresponding saturated vapor pressure in this paper was studied by the Stefan diffusion method. The dynamic equilibrium process equation of ions in pore solution was then established based on the thermodynamic equilibrium equation. Based on the above model, the change process of the pore solution of metakaolin concrete was studied, and it was verified by the results of the literature.