Investigation of Plasmonic Properties of a Rhodium Nanoshell Based Optical Nanomaterial


  • Quan JIANG Dalian University
  • Yue ZHANG Dalian University
  • Tao XIONG Liaoning Engineering Laboratory of Optoelectronic Information Technology
  • Dandan DONG Dalian University
  • Wei WANG Dalian University
  • Cheng SUN Dalian University



rhodium nanoshell, ultraviolet, finite difference time domain, scattering efficiency


In noble metals, surface plasmons may be induced by incident light, resulting in good plasmonic properties that can be widely utilized. In this work, an optical nanomaterial based on a spherical nanoshell structure consisting of rhodium and dielectric is proposed. The scattering efficiency and electric field are calculated via the finite difference time domain method, by respectively varying the nanoparticle radius, the thickness of the nanoshell, as well as the dielectric material of the core. The results show that under certain conditions in the ultraviolet regime, two plasmonic resonance peaks are observed in the scattering spectrum, correlating to two different electromagnetic modes. It is also demonstrated that the resonance wavelengths and the peak intensities of the rhodium based optical nanomaterial can effectively be tuned by changing the structural parameters. The proposed rhodium-based nanomaterial may be useful in applications of optical devices in the ultraviolet regime.