Mechanical Properties and Durability of Steel Slag-mineral Powder-coal Gangue Mixture by Uniform Design for Pavement Base


  • Fengge CHEN China Coal Handan Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Wenqing MENG Hebei University of Engineering
  • Bingyang DENG Hebei University of Engineering
  • Xin LIU Hebei University of Engineering / China Energy Chemical Jiangsu Geology and Mineral Resources Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.
  • Hanlong CUI Hebei University of Engineering
  • Shenglei FENG Hebei University of Engineering
  • Yapeng ZHANG Hebei University of Engineering
  • Yitong WU Hebei University of Engineering



coal gangue mixture, steel slag, mineral powder, pavement base


To realize the utilization of industrial solid waste resources and solve the shortage problem of pavement materials, this paper uses steel slag, mineral powder, and coal gangue to prepare a mixture. A uniform test with 2 factors and 6 levels was designed. Through regression analysis, response surfaces were established to study the mechanical properties of the coal gangue mixture. The hydrated products at different ages were microscopically analyzed by XRD and SEM. The durability including freeze-thaw cycles, dry and wet cycles, and immersion expansion rate were researched. The results show that the 7d unconfined compressive strength of the mixture reaches 2.14  6.46 MPa, with a 180d resilience modulus of 954  1098 MPa, and a 180d splitting tensile strength of 0.66  0.83 MPa. With the increase of steel slag content, the 7d unconfined compressive strength of the mixture first decreases and then increases. The content of mineral powder is positively correlated with the 7d unconfined compressive strength. The 180d compressive resilience modulus decreases first and then increases with the increase of steel slag and mineral powder content. The 180d splitting tensile strength is positively correlated with the content of steel slag and mineral powder. The mixture is less affected by freeze-thaw cycles, with mass loss rates of only 1.77 %  2.13 %. The mass loss rate of the admixture is 0.87 %  0.99 % after 10 dry and wet cycles, and the strength is slightly improved. The maximum expansion rate of the mixtures immersed in water for 10d is only 0.28 %. The hydrated reaction between steel slag, mineral powder and coal gangue promotes the formation of more hydration products such as AFt, C-S-H, CaAl2(SiO4), and Ca(OH)2. The C-S-H and CaAl2(SiO4) are intertwined into a dense network to wrap Ca(OH)2, which improves the compactness of the mixture and effectively resists the freeze-thaw expansion stress. The steel slag-mineral powder-coal gangue mixture meets the requirements of relevant norms and can be well used in pavement bases.