Analysis of Transport Properties of the Randomly Moving Electrons in Metals


  • Villius PALENSKIS Vilnius University Physics Faculty
  • Evaras ŽITKEVIČIUS Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Faculty of Electronics Department of Electronic Systems



resistivity, conductivity, electron scattering, electron mean free path, average electron relaxation time


In this critical analysis on the base of randomly moving (RM) electrons, presented the resistivity dependence on temperature for elemental metals both above and below the Debye’s temperatures. There also are presented the general relationships for estimation of the average diffusion coefficient, the average velocity, mean free path and average relaxation time of RM electrons on the Fermi surface at mentioned temperature range. It is shown that the scattering of RM electrons mainly is due to electronic defects associated with distortion of the periodic potential distribution in the periodic lattice, and accounting the exchange of the thermal energies between phonon and RM electron. The calculation results of resistivity dependence on temperature in the temperature range from 1 K to 900 K are demonstrated for Au and W and compared with the experimental data. There also is presented the simple method for determination of the basic kinetic characteristic dependences on temperature only from the resistivity dependence on temperature. It is at first time determined for Au and W the temperature dependences of the mean free path, average diffusion coefficient, average relaxation time of RM electrons from 1 K to 900 K.

Author Biographies

Villius PALENSKIS, Vilnius University Physics Faculty

Professor of Physics Faculty of Vilnius University

Evaras ŽITKEVIČIUS, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Faculty of Electronics Department of Electronic Systems

Lector at Faculty of Electronics, Department of Electronic Systems, Vilnius Gediminas technical university