Plasma Deposition and Characterization of Copper-doped Cobalt Oxide Nanocatalysts


  • Jacek TYCZKOWSKI Lodz University of Technology
  • Ryszard KAPICA Lodz University of Technology
  • Wiktor REDZYNIA Lodz University of Technology
  • Marcin KOZANECKI Lodz University of Technology
  • Mohamed M. CHEHIMI Université Paris Diderot
  • Jan SIELSKI Lodz University of Technology
  • Sławomir M. KUBERSKI Lodz University of Technology



plasma deposition, copper-doped cobalt oxide catalysts, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis


A series of pure and copper-doped cobalt oxide films was prepared by plasma-enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (PEMOCVD). The effect of Cu-doping on the chemical structure and morphology of the deposited films was investigated. Raman and FTIR spectroscopies were used to characterize the chemical structure and morphology of the produced films. The bulk composition and homogeneity of the samples were investigated by energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDX), and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) was employed to assess the surface chemical composition of pure and doped materials. The obtained results permit to affirm that the PEMOCVD technique is a simple, versatile and efficient method for providing homogeneous layers of cobalt oxides with a different content of copper. It has been found that pure cobalt oxide films mainly contain Co3O4 in the form of nanoclusters whereas the films doped with Cu are much more complex, and CoOx (also Co3O4), mixed Co-Cu oxides and CuOx nanoclusters are detected in them. Preliminary catalytical tests show that Cu-doped cobalt oxide films allow to initiate catalytic combustion of n-hexane at a lower temperature compared to the pure cobalt oxide (Co3O4) films. From what has been stated above, the plasma-deposited thin films of Cu-doped cobalt oxides pave the way towards a new class of nanomaterials with interesting catalytic properties.


Author Biography

Jacek TYCZKOWSKI, Lodz University of Technology

Head of Division of Molecular Engineering (Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, Lodz University of Technology);

Vice Dean for Science and Research at the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, LUT;

Full professor;