Effect of Self-stitched Double Fabric’s Properties on Tensile and Permeability Performances


  • Raziye Befru BÜYÜKBAYRAKTAR Dokuz Eylul University




double fabric, self-stitched, tensile test, bias-extension, air permeability


The double fabrics having a complex structure are used in different areas both technically and aesthetically. In this study, tensile and air permeability properties of self-stitched double fabrics were investigated. Firstly, six different self-stitched double fabrics having the same yarn type, same settings, two different weave types, and three different stitching arrangements were designed and manufactured. Then, the tensile properties of these double fabrics were tested by applying tensile test at warp and weft directions, and bias-extension test at 45° bias direction. The effect of structural properties on tensile and air permeability results was discussed statistically. The tensile properties of self-stitched double fabrics having plain weave types are mostly better than 2/2 twill ones. The differences between tensile properties of self-stitched double fabrics generally were not found statistically significant according to stitching arrangement except the double fabric having plain weave type and higher stitching points. On the other hand, the differences between air permeability properties of all self-stitched double fabrics were found statistically significant at 95 % confidence level in terms of both stitching arrangement and weave type.