The Fabric Weave’s Influence on the Character of Fabric Break


  • Eglė KUMPIKAITĖ∗ Kaunas University of Technology


woven fabric, weave factor, breaking force, elongation at break.


In this article fabric weave, expressed by weave factor P1, influence on fabric’s breaking force and elongation at break is
analyzed. Weaves are distributed into two groups, i. e. weaves, the floats of which are distributed in even intervals
throughout the entire surface of fabric, and horizontally striped weaves. It was determined that the character of break in
various weave group fabrics, as well as their stress-strain curves, are different. In addition, the dependencies of breaking
force and elongation at break in the fabrics with these weave groups on the factor P1 are different. After analyzing
dependence of breaking force of individual groups on the weave factor P1, we determined that results of breaking force
of horizontally striped fabrics are higher than those of weaves with evenly distributed floats. Determination coefficient
of equations is low. After evaluating all the weaves we can affirm that dependence between fabrics breaking force and
weave factor P1 was not established. The change of the curve of elongation at break is more intensive in weaves with
evenly distributed floats in comparison with across stripped weaves. Determination coefficients of all dependences of
elongation at break on weave factor P1 are high.