Simulation of a Shrinkage Cavity in the Risers of Ductile Iron Castings


  • Stasys BOČKUS, Arvydas VENCKŪNAS, Gintautas ŽALDARYS∗ Kaunas University of Technology


ductile iron, feeder, simulation, crystallization.


A lot of methods are used for calculation of risers for castings. Calculation of risers for ductile iron castings has methods that are used for simple castings of the same cross-section. When castings have more than one element, correction ratios are used that are based only on the experimental results and even more increased. Later on, dimensions of risers are usually corrected during production, therefore, it takes a lot of time. The purpose of this work was to create a mathematical model for calculation of heat exchange in a cooling casting, which helps to calculate volume changes in a cooling casting. On the base of the mathematical model, a computer program was made. After research of technological ductile iron casting factors, the program can rather precisely, without test castings, find the best dimensions of risers for ductile iron castings. The experimental results were very similar to the results of digital simulation according to the created method.