The Method of Thermal Process Action Investigation in Materials Using the Descriptive Investigation of Effective Thermal Conductivity


  • Rimgaudas ABRAITIS∗, Arūnas DARGIS, Eligijus SAKALAUSKAS Kaunas University of Technology


erosion , thermal conductivity, high-temperature, model, identification, inverse problems.


High-temperature conductive and convective processes are widely used in the different areas of technology. These processes directly influence the materials of the media, which must possess the specific heat insulation and erosional durability. Therefore it becomes urgent to create the procedures, which make it possible to experimentally establish a change in the erosional durability with respect to a change in the heat conductivity. The technique of erosion modeling process is offered by the model of heat conductivity. It allows to define an indirect quantitative measure of erosion on the basis of the factor of heat conductivity which is presented in the model equation. Thus process of erosion can be indirectly estimated during its development according to the in time varying factor of heat conductivity. In this work the model of thermal conductivity, which solves the problem of the indirect simulation of erosion is built and the method of solving the equation of model is given. The offered technique is actual for construction of systems of research and diagnostics of erosion process.