Disintegrator as Device for Milling of Mineral Ores


  • Dmitri GOLJANDIN∗, Priit KULU, Helmo KÄERDI, Alex BRUWIER Tallinn University of Technology


mineral ores, grindability, disintegrator milling, abrasive erosion, wear resistance of steels.


One of the predominant technologies in mining, in the production of minerals, and in materials treatment is grinding and the ball mills mainly used. Grinding by collision is more effective method for refining of brittle material an on of the few machines for material grinding by collision is disintegrator. This type of grinding implemented in twin-rotored machines is characterized with high productivity but at the same time with the heightened demands to the grinding media – to the materials of grinding elements and linings. The aims of this investigation were (1) to study the grindability of different mineral materials using milling by collision in disintegrator and (2) evaluate the erosion wear resistance of steels as grinding media for mineral materials milling. Grindability of different mineral materials (limestone, sandstone, basalt, gold ores, chromite etc) was studied. The abrasivity of materials was found and relative erosion wear resistance of steel Hardox 600 in the stream of above mentioned materials as abrasives was determined.