Vol 25, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


Turbulence Imaging Simulation Based on Electrically Tunable Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals Cell PDF
Hui LI, Fan PAN, Yuntao WU, Yanduo ZHANG, Xiaolin XIE 115-120
Using Gold Nanoparticles with Spectroscopic and Analytical Models for Rapid Colorimetric Detection of Mercury Ions in Aqueous Media PDF
Jun HE, Zihan WU, Ming SUN 122-128
The Reactions of Carbon Monoxide Catalytic Oxidation on Ti and Zr-embedded Graphene, a DFT Study PDF
Jiawe JIANG, Fengming XIE, Jiyu TANG, Jis LU, Guoliang DAI, Gangling CHEN 129-134
Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Magnetic Properties of Bi0.8Ca0.2-xSrxFeO3 Nanoparticles by Sol-Gel Method PDF
Jin Pei LIN, Ze Ping GUO, Yun Long WANG, Qing LIN, Kang Ling HUANG, Yun HE 135-140


Grain Growth Model of Ultra-Fine Grain AZ80 Magnesium Alloy Multi-Directionally Forged During the Isothermal Heating Process PDF
Jinlong ZHANG, Hui XIE, Ying MA, Shiping TAO, Kun ZHAO, Weigang WU 141-145
The Regeneration Cycle of Cobalt Chemical Conversion Waste Liquid on Aluminum Alloys PDF
Di MA, Zhenzhen XU, Xuejiao LV, Shubai LI, Jilei WANG, Zairan YU, Zebo TANG, Guohua ZHANG 146-152
The Microstructure and Wear Resistance of the Ti-assisted Hot Plasma Nitrided Layer PDF
Fei HUANG, Zhen’an REN, Wanli LU, Wumu LIU 153-158
Electrochemical and Tribological Properties of TiSiCN Coatings in Coolant PDF
Zhiwei WU, Shang LI, Fei ZHOU 159-165
Enhanced Magnetic Squareness in Manganese-Bismuth Mechanical Alloys Incorporating Magnesium Oxide PDF
Thanida CHAROENSUK, Chitnarong SIRISATHITKUL, Upsorn BOONYANG, Pongsakorn JANTARATANA 166-170
Improvement of the Hydrogen-Storage Properties of Mg by Adding a Polymer CMC via Transformation-Involving Milling PDF
Eunho CHOI, Young Jun KWAK, Myoung Youp SONG 171-176


Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Electrospun PMIA Nanofibers Reinforced PLA Composites PDF
Bin HE, Chao LIU, Zexing WANG 177-182
Comparison of Single/Compound Plasticizer to Prepare Thermoplastic Starch in Starch-Based Packaging Composites PDF
Anfu GUO, Jianfeng LI, Fangyi LI, Jie XU 183-189
Evaluation of the Effect of Thermo-mechanical Treatment on the Resistance of Commercial OSB to Decay Fungi PDF
Matheus Couto CRISÓSTOMO, Claudio Henrique Soares DEL MENEZZI 190-194
The Effects of Ink Presence on Mechanical, Physical, Morphological and Thermal Properties of Office and Newspaper Fiber-Polypropylene Composites PDF
Emrah PESMAN, Türker GÜLEÇ 195-201
Effect of Carbon Stabilizing Elements on WC Cemented Carbides with Chromium Steel Binder PDF
Marek TARRASTE, Jakob KÜBARSEPP, Kristjan JUHANI, Arvo MERE, Mart VILJUS 202-206


Process Optimization of Cold Metal Transfer Plug Welding of Aluminum AA6061-T6-to-Galvanized DP590 Steel Based on Orthogonal Experiment Method PDF
Guodong DU, Yanfeng XING, Chuanya YIN 207-213
SinC13-n (n = 1 – 12) Clusters: An All-electron DFT Investigation PDF
Xingyu ZHOU, Zhiqiang Ding, Hao Zhang, Jin GUO, Hua NING, Ying LIU 214-218
Applications of Field-reversal and Angle-dependent XMCD Techniques to Mn-based Diluted Magnetic Materials PDF
Zhiying GUO, Juncai DONG, Yidong ZHAO, Dongliang CHEN 219-224

Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289