Vol 25, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Effect of Annealing Temperature on Structural, Morphological, Optical and Electrical Properties of Spray Deposited V2O5 Thin Films PDF
Vijayakumar YELSANI, Nagaraju POTHUKANURI, Uday Bhasker SONTU, Veeraswamy YARAGANI, Ramana Reddy MUSKU VENKATA 3-6
Effect of Sintering Temperature, Sm3+ Concentration and Excitation Wavelength on Luminescence Properties in Eu3+ Doped Strontium Tungstate Phosphors PDF
Yandong REN, Yonghao LIU, Shujuan HAO, Haiying CUI, Hongwei ZHANG, Siyu MENG, Hongyan DING 7-12
Numerical Analysis of Roles of Depletion Layer Width in Semiconductor Gas Sensor Using the Gradient-Distributed Oxygen Vacancy Model PDF
Jianqiao LIU, Wencong GENG, Guohua JIN, Zhaoxia ZHAI 13-16
First Principles Study on Li-doped and Li,O-codoped AlN PDF
Honglei WU, Zuoyan QIN, Zheng YAN, Zhenhua SUN, Baikui Li, Ruisheng ZHENG 17-20
Dependence of Electrical and Optical Properties of Sol-gel-derived SnO2 Thin Films on Sb-substitution PDF
Elisée MUHIRE, Jiao YANG, Xuejian HUO, Meizhen GAO 21-27


Effect of Microstructure on the Compressive Mechanical Properties of Ti-20Zr-6.5Al-4V Alloy PDF
Yuanbiao TAN, Jingli DUAN, Wenchang LIU, Song XIANG, Fei ZHAO, Yilong LIANG 28-35
Evaluation of Chromium Carbide Coatings on AISI 52100 Steel Obtained by Thermo-Reactive Diffusion Technique PDF
Xiaoming ZONG, Wenming JIANG, Zitian FAN 36-41
The Effects of Cutting Parameters on Tool Wear During the Milling of CFRP Composites PDF
Dervis OZKAN, Mustafa Sabri GOK, Hasan GOKKAYA, Abdullah Cahit KARAOGLANLI 42-46
Investigation of Abrasive Wear Behavior of Industrial Wastes on Al 6061 Material Using Rubber Wheel Abrasion Test (RWAT) Method PDF
Mustafa Sabri GOK, Hanife OZLIMAN 47-53


Computer Simulation of PAN/PVP Blends Compatibility and Preparation of Aligned PAN Porous Nanofibers via Magnetic-Field-Assisted Electrospinning PAN/PVP Blends PDF
Linyu MEI, Xigang WANG, Yaqing LIU, Junyuan WANG 54-59
Experimental Study on the Thermal Decomposition of Two Nitrocellulose Mixtures in Different Forms PDF
Wenzhong MI, Ruichao WEI, Tiannian ZHOU, Junjiang HE, Jian WANG 60-65
A Study of Mechanical Properties of Polymer Composite Membranes with Various Ionic Liquids at Elevated Temperatures PDF
Einars SPRUGIS, Guntars VAIVARS, Remo MERIJS MERI 66-70
Modeling and 3D Simulation of the Mould Compression and Resin Flow for Force-Controlled Compression Resin Transfer Moulding PDF
Bo YANG, Shilong WANG, Qian TANG 71-78
The Effect of Nanoparticle Surface State on Trap Level Distribution of Polyimide/Aluminum Nitride-montmorillonite Nanocomposite Films PDF
Yuanyuan LIU, Jinghua YIN, Tianyi JI, Duo SUN, Xiaoxu LIU 79-84
Sound Absorption Property of Polyurethane Foam with Polyethylene Fiber PDF
Tongtong ZHU, Shuming CHEN, Wenbo ZHU, Yebin WANG, Yang JIANG 85-89


Synthesis, Characterization of Metal-Schiff Base Functionalized Mesoporous Silica for Pesticide Adsorption PDF
Huayao CHEN, Xuemin CHEN, Hongjun ZHOU, Xinhua ZHOU, Hua XU 90-96


Effects of Crushed Oyster Shell on Strength and Durability of Marine Concrete Containing Fly Ash and Blastfurnace Slag PDF PDF
Hai-Yan CHEN, Leo Gu LI, Zhen-min LAI, Albert Kwok Hung KWAN, Pi-mao CHEN, Pui Lam NG 97-107


A Novel and Facile Method to Synthesize Self-Assembled BiOCl Core-shell Microspheres Composed of Nanoplates PDF
Guang LU, Zishuai LUN, Hongyu LIANG, Fei WANG, Hui WANG 108-111

Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289