Materials Science

It covers the fields of materials science concerning with the traditional engineering materials as well as advanced materials and technologies aiming at the implementation and industry applications. The variety of materials under consideration, contributes to the cooperation of scientists working in applied physics, chemistry, materials science and different fields of engineering.

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Vol 25, No 3 (2019)

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Ag-induced a New Raman Mode in ZnO Microrods PDF
Jing WANG, Lina WANG, Meina WANG, Dan ZHOU, Yan MEI, Wenzhuo HUANG, Tian XING, Shengxu GE, Yuntong CHEN, You YU, Zhongqi LUAN, Bing QU, Yaxiang BAI, Chao PAN, Delong TANG, Na ZHU, Yu QIU, Lizhong HU 227-230
Microstructure and Magnetic Studies of La1-xSrxFeO3 Nano Particles Fabricated by the Citrate Sol-Gel Method PDF
Fang YANG, Xing Xing YANG, Qing LIN, Rui Jun WANG, Hu YANG, Yun HE 231-237
First-principles Calculation of the Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of ZnO Co-doped with Nb and Ta PDF
Jinpeng WANG, Tao SHEN, Hongchen LIU 238-245


Simulation on the Two-phase Separation of Powder Injection Molding 316L Stainless Steel PDF
Feng SHANG, Bin QIAO, Yan-feng DONG, Zhen-wei CAO, Wei SUN, Yi-qiang HE 246-251
Influence of Graphene Sheet on Microstructure and Properties of Ni-based Alloy Coatings Prepared by Laser Cladding PDF
Geng TIANYUAN, Cunshan WANG 252-258
Enhancement of Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Ultra-Fine Grain Al0.4FeCrCo1.5NiTi0.3 High-Entropy Alloy by MA and SPS Technologies PDF
Shaofeng YANG, Yan ZHANG, Xing YAN, Hang ZHOU 259-264
Electrochemical Comparative Characteristics of La(Fe,Si)13 Type Materials with Different Content of Co in Acidified Phosphate Environment in Presence of Cl- Ions PDF
Dorota KLIMECKA-TATAR, Grażyna PAWŁOWSKA, Klaudia RADOMSKA, Piotr GĘBARA 265-269
Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Micro-arc Oxidation TiO2 Coating Before and After SiC Particles Incorporation PDF
Limei REN, Tengchao WANG, Zhaoxiang CHEN, Xipeng REN, Xiaowen QI 270-275
Effect of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids for Electroless Nickel Plating on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic PDF
Canan URAZ 276-280
Effect of Solution Heat Treatment and Artificial Aging on Compression Behaviour of A356 Alloy PDF
Dhanashekar MANICKAM, Senthil Kumar VELUKKUDI SANTHANAM 281-285
Milling Processes and Hydrogen Storage Properties of Mg-Graphene Composites PDF
Young Jun KWAK, Eunho CHOI, Myoung Youp SONG 286-291
Research on Tensile Behaviour of New Structural Material MoNiCa PDF
Aliaksandr BAHDANOVICH, Regita BENDIKIENE, Ramunas CESNAVICIUS, Antanas CIUPLYS, Vytautas GRIGAS, Audrius JUTAS, Dzianis MARMYSH, Aleh MAZALEUSKI, Aleh NASAN, Liudmila SHEMET, Sergei SHERBAKOV, Kestutis SPAKAUSKAS, Leonid SOSNOVSKIY 292-296


Preparation and Electrochemical Testing of Polyaniline (PANI) Nanoparticles with Uniform Morphology and Good Dispersion in a Water-task-specific Ionic Liquid Medium PDF
Dingjun ZHANG, Yuxian CHEN, Xue BAI, Xianwen LI, Yingxia MA, Zhenbin CHEN 297-302
Tribological Behavior of Cermet Coatings Deposited from Submicron WC-10Co-4Cr Powders Using HVOF Spraying PDF
Sheng HONG, Yuping WU, Bo WANG 303-308
Biodegradation of Wood Treated with Copper Based Preservative by Two Dematiaceous Fungi: Alternaria Tenuissima and Ulocladium Consortiale PDF
Influence of Drying Temperature on Tensile and Bursting Strength of Bacterial Cellulose Biofilm PDF
Florentina SEDERAVIČIŪTĖ, Jurgita DOMSKIENĖ, Ilze BALTINA 316-321
Characterization, Production and Microwave Absorbing Properties of Polyaniline-NiFe2O4: Tb Composites PDF
Ethem İlhan ŞAHIN, Selcuk PAKER, Mesut KARTAL 322-327


The Influences of Sio2 on the Sintering Behavior and the Properties of Na+- Β/Β"-Al2O3 Solid Electrolyte PDF
Sung-Tae LEE, Dae-Han LEE, Sung-Ki LIM 328-334
Defects Promoted Topotactic Transformation from Co(OH)2 Nanodiscs To Co3O4 Nano Octahedra PDF
Fei HUI, Chunhui WANG, Yanhui CHEN, Junfeng ZHOU, Pierce MAGUIRE, Hongzhou ZHANG 335-339


Preparation of Foamed Phosphogypsum Lightweight Materials by Incorporating Cementitious Additives PDF
Ting WANG, Xiaojian GAO, Jian WANG 340-347
Effect of Various Metal Hydroxide Flame Retardants on the Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binder PDF
Lingzhu GU, Tianhang ZHANG, Kai ZHU, Daquan TANG, Ke WU 348-355

Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289